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We perform superb assembly work for a wide range of products and industries. The UHI Group is unique in that we offer complex full vehicle body and chassis assemblies. We also routinely deliver small sub assemblies. In short, we are able to assist with the entire manufacturing process, bringing the UHI standard of excellence to every step.

uhi group with automotive assemblies
automotive frames and assemblies

Automotive Assembly

UHI is experienced in many types of automotive assemblies including skateboards, cabins, body-in-white, chassis, cradles, closures and more.

  • Robotic Flow drill screw cell (FDS)
  • Self-piercing rivets (SPR)
  • Drawn arc stud welding
  • TIG welding
  • AC manual weld gun – RSW
  • Adaptive spot welding
  • Press welder for fasteners – RSW
  • Robotic Cold metal transfer cells (CMT)
  • Robotic mig weld cells – RSW
  • Robotic Hemming
racks and shelves of automotive assemblies
automotive assemblies in warehouse

Aerospace Assembly

Our aerospace assembly division is fully AS9100D, ITAR, NADCAP certified and has expertise in many assemblies including elbows, exhausts, housings, and more. These assemblies are manufactured from parts formed and heat-treated in our facility.

  • NADCAP accreditation for both Fusion (GTAW) and Resistance (Both RSW spot and RSEW seam) welding
  • 13 GTAW welding stations (Miller Dynasty 350) to accommodate most aerospace assemblies
  • Common high-grade aerospace materials we weld are:
    • 6061 Aluminum from .025” to .375” thick
    • 321/347 CRES from .020” to .500” thick
    • 625 Inconel from  .015” to .500” thick
    • 718 Inconel from  .025” to .125” thick
    • And others…
aerospace parts
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