Automotive Applications

Our constant and ongoing training of personnel, as well as continued capital equipment investments has made Ultimate Hydroforming the "GO TO" company. Our lead times are designed to meet all of our customers needs and are considered one of the fastest around.

Our range of excellence has given us an edge over our competition. Our variety of Automotive parts and assemblies include:

UNDERBODY - Floor pans, dual phase frame rails and assemblies, engine cradle assemblies, battery tray assemblies, a-pillars, d-pillars, dash panels, wiper beam assemblies, IP assemblies

CLOSURES AND CLASS "A" PANELS - Door assemblies, fenders, hood panels, roof panels, body sides, fuel door assemblies

EXHAUST - 300 and 400 series stainless components, such as angled exhaust cones, manifolds, heat shields, baffles

Whether you require detail components, sub-assemblies or a completely assembled project Ultimate Hydroforming stands ready to assist.

We assist our clients in a collaborative way to help improve the design, function and manufacturability of any given project.