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The UHI Group has over 40 years of experience in delivering quality components for the automotive industry. Whether you’re looking for full vehicle assembly, prototyping, or low-volume production, our team is ready to get started on your project.

Bringing The UHI Advantage to Automotive

We leverage our considerable experience in the automotive sector and our world-class production facility to ensure every job is done right. From our proven engineering team to our unmatched validation processes, our commitment to quality is paramount. As a full-service provider, we are able to help you with any and all steps in the manufacturing process.

  • Automotive Manufacturing Process – UHI proudly boasts our ability to take your projects from concept to reality.
  • Engineering – customers work with our in-house engineering team to ensure their design concepts will yield manufactured parts of the highest integrity.
  • Prototype – we create prototypes based on these designs to validate your parts before performing low-run production.
  • Validation – our quality group is fully certified to inspect your parts, and validate that your end product will meet all the requirements it was designed for.
  • Low-volume Production – we specialize in low-volume stamping and assembly; it’s our lifeblood.
  • Assembly – we have the capabilities to assemble full vehicle bodies and frames for our customers.
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Fully Certified for the Automotive Industry – UHI holds valid IAT and ISO 9001:2015 certifications for the automotive industry along with our recent IATF16949. We also have full EDI and ASN capabilities for system compliant shipping to our customers.

the uhi group with automotive vehicle frames

UHI Takes EV Start-ups to the Next Level

We have emerged as the leader in Electric Vehicle prototype body and skateboard manufacturing. Our in-house engineering team evaulates and assists with the process of advancing prelimenary designs up to the level where they can be released for production.

Our state of the art assembly center utilized existing robotic assembly cells and the latest validation methods to deliver consistently repeatable assemblies.  This accelerates the development and validation processes that are so critical to being first to the market and saving significant amounts of cash expenditure.

UHI continues to deliver full vehicle assembles to the most iconic OEMs and small under the radar startups.

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